Burnishing Steel Balls and other Polishing Steel Media
Burnishing Media such as Steel Balls, Satellites and Balls Cones to De-burr and Polish the metal parts in Rotary Vibrators, Vibro Mills, Centrifugal finishing machine and Tumbling / Polishing barrels in the Metal Finishing Industry. Practically, The Steel Media are better wear resistant compare to Plastic and Ceramic Medias.
Type of Media Size Properties

1.5 MM & above Round balls, generally used for critical finishing applications.

3 x 5 MM,
5 x 7 MM or any other custom made sizes.
Both side Curved with flange in center provides contacts to curves and angles etc. on surface to be De-burred / Polished.
Balls cones

3 x 5 MM,
5 x 7 MM or any other custom made sizes
Curved and Cone Shape with Flange in center gives better Burnishing ability on different proportioned Shapes.

*Other Shapes on request.
Above Media are available in all Materials as per Table- 1

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